January 23, 2013

Active Directory migration - Movetree.exe

How to migrate Active Directory objects from one domain to another within single forest?

For example we need to migrate Exchange Contacts from domain1.example.com to domain2.example.com 

To accomplish this task we can use Movetree.exe util from Windows Server 2003 Support Tools:

movetree.exe /startnocheck /s DC1.domain1.example.com /d DC1.domain2.example.com /sdn OU=ContactsOU,DC=example1,DC=com /ddn OU=ContactsOU,DC=example2,DC=com

DC1.domain1.example.com - source domain controller
DC1.domain2.example.com - destination domain controller
OU=ContactsOU,DC=example1,DC=com - Distinguish Name of source OU with contacts
OU=ContactsOU,DC=example2,DC=com - Distinguish Name of destination OU (mustn't be created manually, movetree.exe will create OU by its own)

Last one can be changed to any Name so it will be renamed
(e.g. OU=NewNameOfOU,DC=example2,DC=com - Distinguish Name of destination OU)

Source: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc755718

Note: Successfully tested with Windows Server 2008 R2

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